Strength Programs

Let’s find the right strength program for you!

Have resistance to starting or getting consistent with strength training as a runner?

I get it. I’ve been there. As a younger runner I had alllll the fears and limiting beliefs about lifting. I worried it would change my body composition and cause me to put on unwanted mass. That it would make me ‘bulky’ and slow. I told myself I was a weak distance runner and wasn’t capable of lifting more than 10-15 lb. dumbbells. I was intimidated to go into the weight room as a woman where all the meathead lifting bros were. Once there, I constantly worried my form wasn’t ‘good enough’ or that people were secretly judging me.

The biggest gamechanger in getting consistent with lifting was becoming educated, informed, and having a structured program to follow. Around here we believe that knowledge is power, and when you know more, you’re more invested, more motivated, and more likely to succeed!

Why should runners strength train?

Long gone are the days where runners are told that to get better at running, you just have to run more. Run more without a basic strength foundation and you’re probably going to get injured. The sport of running unfortunately has a very high injury rate, but it doesn’t need to! Many running injuries are preventable through smart training and proactive strength training – making sure your muscles, tendons, and bones can support a high-impact activity and lots of repetitive stress.

On top of preventing injury, strength training has SO many other incredible benefits… it can make you a more powerful, explosive athlete, it can help give you a better kick at the end of races, it helps build bone and muscle (two things we lose as we age), it can help improve coordination and balance, and it’s protective against all-causes mortality.

About My Strength Programs

I’ve created three strength programs for runners, each one tailored to your starting ability and what phase of training you’re in. All programs are downloadable PDFs that you can print or follow along via your tablet or computer. Movement demos are included for every exercise, so there’s no frantic Googling, YouTubing, or link clicking. Just show up and execute!

Coming soon: All who purchase or have purchased a strength program will be invited to join a private Circle community where you’ll get access to other runners working their way through the programs, support from me for form feedback and any questions, and will receive exclusive updates and strength training tips on a regular basis.

Bulletproof – $50

For runners brand new to strength training and/or those who need to build basic full-body strength and coordination before progressing to weights.

  • 8-week progressive program
  • 2 sessions/week
  • 25-30 min/session
  • Equipment: bodyweight and bands only
  • Includes mobility work

Faster Better Stronger – $120

For runners actively in a race-specific cycle, or for those who have a more limited time to strength train. Designed to help you get stronger, faster, and stay injury free, while balancing the demands of hard run training.

  • 12-week progressive program
  • 2 lifts/week
  • 40-45 min/session
  • Equipment: dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and a bench
  • Includes a full mobility warm-up

Volume 1

Volume 2

Train Like an Athlete – $120

For runners or other athletes in their offseason, or anyone looking to get strong, move better, and train using an athletic approach.

  • 12-week progressive program
  • 3 lifts/week
  • 45-60 min/session
  • Equipment: dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and a bench
  • Option to include barbell work for advanced lifters
  • Includes a full mobility warm-up

Volume 1

Volume 2