Client Testimonials

Taking the plunge, and signing up with Montana has been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself this past year. There are a few things that I believe set Montana apart from other coaches and why she was a great fit for me. First, she loves the details, (I do too)! She takes the time to make me feel comfortable in every aspect of my running; workouts, fueling, strength, stretching, injuries, etc. Second, she is just as invested in my success as I am. In life, you need people in your corner, cheering for you on in your quest to achieve your full potential. Finally, she is good at what she does, and that is important. I feel fit, injury free and got a shiny new PB in my last race. The proof is in the pudding. Thank you Montana for believing in me, cheering me on, and pushing me to be my best!


Montana is like a combination coach-mom-friend-confidante-cheerleader. As a masters runner and a busy mom, I really appreciate how flexible she is and how she writes my running plans with LIFE in mind. She’s also encouraging, ridiculously kind, and will get you results. Even in “maintenance mode” my vDOT score has improved tremendously!


I reached out to Montana because I thought she could get through to me and re-inspire me as a runner. After a full Ironman in 2014 and many half Ironman races, I grew to hate long distance triathlon training during 2019. After the first loop of the two loop bike course at Ironman Lake Placid, I got off my bike and walked the two miles back into town. I was done. In the time we have worked together, Montana has crafted a well thought out plan for me while blending in long runs, workouts, and strength work all while taking into account a job change and move. It had been sometime since I truly looked forward to running and workouts and long runs and I am there again. That excitement towards training is a direct result of Montana’s coaching and her philosophy. In the time that Montana and I have worked together, I have run times that I have not run since before my triathlon days. I am excited to run my fall half and full marathons and Montana has given me full confidence that I can again break 3 hours in the marathon.  Yes, Montana knows training theory, training zones, workouts, and periodization. A coach can have all the knowledge in the world. However, what sets Montana apart is how well she takes into account an athlete’s goals, life, and background into a coaching plan that works for them.


I was an intermediate runner looking to take my running to the next level when I started working with Montana. My weekly workouts are specific to my fitness level and Montana always clarified the intention and goal for any track/threshold workouts she assigned. She helped keep my ego in check whenever I wanted to run faster than the assigned paces, helping me to understand faster is not always better. Her programming and encouragement helped me knock 10 minutes off my half marathon PR! I have even bigger goals for the fall marathon season and have no doubt Montana will set me up for success!


I have loved working with Montana over the past year and a half. We started working together just before the pandemic, and she has helped me fall in love with running again. She has a really good way of pushing me out of my comfort zone when I doubt myself, but is also the first one to remind me to give myself grace during challenging times. This is the first time in my running life that I don’t care about the stats on my watch. I feel genuinely proud about the work I put in. It feels good to be in such a happy place!


Montana is the kind of coach I didn’t even know I needed until I started working with her. She’s smart, supportive, and strategic when it comes to running. Montana coached me for the NYC Marathon in 2019, and almost two years later I can’t imagine being an athlete without her in my corner. She has supported me unconditionally during my highest mileage weeks, through several months of time off, and during the rebuilding stage. Montana can solve almost any running-related issue I’ve complained about, and she does it by proposing creative and individualized solutions.


I have been working with Montana for about a year and a half now and I never have once questioned my decision to invest in a running coach. I was nervous about the financial commitment and the fact I’m not an elite runner by any measure, but I was consistently running the same times in my marathons and was ready to take the next step to see what I could do! I was at the point of being unable to really know how to set up my training, and Montana has been incredible! Her patience, attention to detail, communication and positive vibes have made me want to continue to work hard. Above all, Montana has been invaluable in making adjustments when life just happens. Having someone to figure out that puzzle of what to alter to make sure I’ll still be ready when things are busy is worth it! She takes the anxiety out of “I don’t know what to do” and through the COVID-19 pandemic was incredible as we shifted and changed plans more times than one can count! Montana is wonderful and I look forward to working with her for several more training cycles!


I have nothing but great things to say about Montana. I used to never understand why “non professional” runners worked with run coaches until I started racing and always wanted to improve, but never did. After becoming extremely frustrated and following every approach as I searched down the Google rabbit hole, I was always so burnt out come race time. Coach Montana has changed my life, and the improvement is through the roof. It’s not about running fast or trying to get that race time every time you head out for a run. It’s about being consistent with your runs and training. She is so thorough and works literally 24/7 with her athletes. This is the best investment I have ever made. 


For the longest time I contemplated getting a running coach. I always thought coaching is for people who compete professionally. My best decision of 2020 was to take that leap of faith and starting to work with Montana. In the last 10 months I have realized coaching is so much more than just setting up daily training calendar. My goal is to be able to run consistently and injury free when I am 80 and that requires so much mental shift. She has taught me the value in slowing down, thinking beyond one training cycle, and the benefit of smart training catered specifically to my body and my lifestyle. I know I will never be the fastest runner but I am definitely a stronger, well-fueled, and well-balanced runner with her help.


I began working with Montana about 3 months postpartum. We kept in touch the weeks leading up to starting and I felt so supported entering my first workouts. She listened to my goals and was an incredible resource for getting fit postpartum being a mother runner herself! Approaching 9 months postpartum, I feel so confident and comfortable on my runs thanks to Montana’s coaching.