Your goals matter.

Hi, there!

I’m Montana DePasquale. I’m an online running and strength coach, endorphin junkie of 15+ years, and science nerd.

However you’ve stumbled upon running, it’s something that’s important to you – and anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Whether you’ve worked with a running coach before or never considered you’d need one, let me introduce myself and tell you a little more about what I do.

I help people from all over the world go after their big running goals – be it to complete their fastest race, first race, build back from injury, or just find more joy in running. I also specialize in working with pregnant and postpartum runners.

I’ve spent the past 5 years as an online coach, but prior to that have worked or interned at the high school, D1 college, and professional level, as well as at a strength training facility.

I’ve been running since Garmin watches were shaped like bricks and have seen every trend of racing and training come and go. My passion is helping you cut through the noise and craft training that’s smart, evidence-based, and most importantly, that meets you where you’re at right now.

Something else that’s unique about me: I’m a big advocate of strength training for runners. I know through the research literature, personal experience, and working with over 100 runners, that it’s a gamechanger for staying injury free, performing your best, maximizing your running form, and more. If strength training is something that’s of interest to you, I have smart, progressive strength programs specifically designed with runners in mind.

I call Rhode Island home, and when I’m not working or pouring myself into my own training, I’m mom-ing or hanging with my husband, cooking up something delicious in our kitchen, or chasing down a good cup of coffee.

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