Power Hours

Need some expert guidance in your training, but don’t quite need long-term 1:1 run coaching?
Let’s grab a (virtual) cup of coffee and chat!

Power Hours are a one-hour Zoom call where we do a deep dive into YOU – your training history, running background, goals, and what’s causing you to feel stuck.

Once you book your Power Hour, you’ll be sent an invoice for the session. Sessions must be paid for upfront prior to our call.

After we talk, I’ll follow up with a detailed recap of our session, as well as concrete next steps for you (including a custom training plan for you to execute on your own), and any additional resources I may find applicable for you.

I open a limited number of Power Hour spots per month.

The Training Audit Power Hour


For the runner who feels stuck and needs an expert set of eyes on their training – but doesn’t necessarily need the 6+ month commitment of 1:1 run coaching. We’ll take a detailed look at your current training, lifetime training history, goals, and any races you may have on the calendar. We’ll then talk through all of the potential pitfalls that may be holding you back – from psychology and goal setting, to training methodology and preparedness, to race planning and execution, and everything in between. You’ll walk away with clear next steps on how to become a faster, stronger, more educated runner, as well as a custom 6-8 week training plan to guide you from here.

    The Postpartum Runner Power Hour


    For the new mom who’s eager to get back to her running routine but wants to make sure she’s doing things right. We’ll discuss your pregnancy and pre-pregnancy exercise history, how your pregnancy, labor, and birth went – as well as how the early stages of postpartum are going. I’ll take you through a detailed return-to-running screen, and we’ll chat through a road map with clear, actionable next steps to get you strong, healthy, and back to running safely. I’ll follow up with a custom 6-8 week return-to-running program that meets you exactly where you’re starting from.

    This call is ideal for women who are at least 6 weeks postpartum and have received clearance from their OB to resume exercise.